“Her words fed my mind, my heart, and my spirit.”

We’d like to feature the words of Tamarack Verrall, who saw “Aftermath” last year in Montreal, and went on to help us in many ways throughout the run. Tam’s life in the feminist movement goes back to starting the first women’s centres in Montreal in the 60s, “an innocent time when we began to address each insult, each danger one by one, [creating] one of the first women’s centres that 5 of us opened in Montreal in 1969. We went from 5 to 300 in months, and kept going”. Here is what she had to say when she saw “Aftermath”:

“I could hardly believe I was on my way to see a play about this fierce, brilliant woman who has long been a muse and hero to me… Andrea Dworkin dedicated her life to ending violence against women, and to offering loving support to thousands she met, sat with, listened to… Her words fed my mind, my heart, and my spirit. They inspired the courage I needed to find on myself. I told myself […] that nothing was stopping Andrea, and nothing would stop me. [In “Aftermath”,] we were transported due to Helena Levitt’s incredible acting ability, into a surreal experience in which it became impossible to not believe that Andrea Dworkin herself was delivering one last message […] This event was a gift of one more opportunity to learn from this visionary woman […] True to her reputation, she has once again led the way into deeper understanding, providing us with insight and information critical to more effective action and change.”

More of Tam’s own inspiring writings can be found at “World Pulse”: